Industry Leaders | Blockchain technologists | Blockchain academics
Jun Meng Heng
Director, ZICO Insights Law LLC
Mamoru Taniya
Owner, Asuka Holdings Inc
Andrea Canidio
Fellow of the Stone Research Centre, INSEAD
Dr. Xiao Feng 肖风
Founder of Fenbushi Capital, Founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs
Leroy Mah
Business Development Director at NEM, Techstars mentor
Jonathan Kochmer
Founder of RChain Asia
Veronica Torras
Marketing and Business Development, Jelurida
Patrick Nagel
Digital Expert, McKinsey
Karthik Iyer
CEO, Blockchain Monk
Professor David Kuo Chuen Lee
Founder of Left Coast, Professor at Singapore University of Social Science
Remington Ong
Partner at Fenbushi Capital
Renqi S.
Managing partner BlockAsset
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