Introducing LongHash Hatch Program: Batch 2

On 10 June 2019, LongHash launched out second batch of our Hatch Program. This second batch is in partnership with Parity Technologies to support the development of Polkadot. Together with our community, we welcomed the incubates as they begin their 12-week incubation journey with us.

Here are the teams:


Altcoin Fantasy
Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto trading simulator game that teaches users about the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading space without the need for users to invest their own money while learning. Altcoin Fantasy hosts fantasy trading competitions that allow users to compete against others all over the world for amazing prizes, such as real crypto, sponsored by Altcoin Fantasy’s partners. With Altcoin Fantasy, learning about cryptocurrency and practicing crypto trading is fun, risk-free and rewarding.
Cynthia Huang, CEO -
Tommy Chan, CTO -


LUKSO is an open blockchain ecosystem specifically created for the fashion and lifestyle industry, providing a decentralized innovation and trust infrastructure for fashion brands, start-ups and customers. It offers the foundation for new forms of automated economic interactions and sustainable ownership management. LUKSO's co-founder Fabian Vogelsteller, is also the co-creator of the ERC20 token standard.

Fabian Vogelsteller, Founder -
Marjorie Hernandez, Founder -


We are making both Plasma parachain and Substrate Runtime Module Library. Plasm is a Substrate Runtime Module Library which allows developers to add Plasma functions to their Substrate chain quickly and seamlessly. Since Plasm is an SRML, developers can make both plasma parent chains and plasma child chains with Substrate. In addition to that, we aim to be one of the parachains once Polkadot is launched.
Sota Watanabe, CEO -
Takumi Yamashita, Co-Founder 


With the Polkascan project we are working towards a multi-chain explorer. We aim to make multi-chain data accessible and understandable. In order to get to the Polkascan multi-chain Explorer we are developing block explorer technologies that work well with many individual chains for selected blockchain frameworks. Explorers for these individual chains can in turn be aggregated into the Polkascan Multi-chain Explorer. Our organization performs software development and service management activities related to blockchain data, including but not limited to providing fully serviced block explorers, consultancy services & systems integration services.
Emiel Sebastiaan van der Hoek, CEO
Arjan Zijderveld, CTO -
David Jan Hoogendoorn, Director -


Polkawallet is the first mobile wallet for Polkadot. It provide cross-chain asset one-stop management, convenient staking and governance, the private key is self-owned. In order to give users a more humane and more convenient experience, as the entrance of the polkadot network, the user is provided with more intuitive visual data and status change display to guarantee the user's right to know and network participation.
Fuyao Jiang, CEO
Yuzhu Liu, COO


XanPool is a crypto-onboarding company. (AKA a "fiat gateway" in the industry). We provide a unique omni-channel solution to make the onboarding and offboarding infrastructure in crypto much more user friendly, and resilient against single channel dependency. (such as over-reliance on banking partners). We allow institutions and retail to on and off board regardless of their infrastructural limitations.
Jeffery Liu, CEO -
Artem Ibragimov, CTO -

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