LongHash and Cryptic Labs establishes strategic partnership

Cryptic Labs, led by Chief Scientist, Dr. Whitfield Diffie, is a research accelerator with a dedicated team of advisors who are experts in the field of cryptology and cybersecurity. As the Awardee of 2015 Turing award, Professor Whitfield Diffie is an American cryptographer and one of the pioneers of public-key cryptography along with Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle. Meanwhile, LongHash is a global platform for the acceleration and development in blockchain technology that also has an incubator arm that provides a comprehensive suite of services for start-ups.

Managing Director and Co-founder of Cryptic Labs, Humphrey Polanen said, "This partnership makes a lot of strategic sense and advances our mission to educate the public about the Blockchain and its impact on our data and economy. It propels Cryptic Labs in expanding geographically and in tapping into LongHash's investment expertise in blockchain start-ups.

CEO of LongHash (Singapore), Emma Cui said, "I am excited to be working with Humphrey, Professor Diffie and his team. With their expertise and our global network, I believe that we will be able to bring immense value to blockchain start-ups."

In addition to being able to jointly incubate qualified blockchain-related projects with extensive resources, this cooperation also brings about the opportunity for both parties to work closely on their shared focus of actively promoting the understanding of Cryptography and blockchain technology. Emphasizing on the topics of cryptology and security in application of blockchain, Cryptic Labs leverage LongHash's global network, particularly its strong Asia presence, to deliver their world-leading cryptography courses.

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