LongHash helps 5 startups raise $9.7 million

Backed up by the Singapore Government, LongHash is a global blockchain incubator that aims at helping startups get the seed funding for their project. Recently their first batch of blockchain startups has showcased the potential and raised collective funding of $9.7 million in a 12-week program that went on from January to March.

5 startups of the first batch managed to raise a funding of $9.7 million, which will help them further develop their projects. These are the 5 startups that participated in the program:

  1. Poseidon Network: It is a Taiwan-based startup that allows the user to monetize the underutilized bandwidth and storage from any network-attached storage device.
  2. T-REC’s.ai: It is a Singapore-based startup that allows the households and enterprises to go green by helping them purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from any solar power generator globally.
  3. Keyless: It is a platform that is still under development. It combines the ease of a portable structure with the biometrics technology for ensuring data privacy.
  4. Lition: It is a Germany-based project that is developing a public-private blockchain that is scalable and has deletable features for products that are available in mass markets.
  5. Alpha Wallet: This allows companies to build blockchain applications and services for tokenized assets and help them launch them quickly.

LongHash is currently working with its second batch that goes from June-August. They have partnered with Parity Technologies to help and support the development of Polkadot-a blockchain-based protocol that allows independent blockchain networks to communicate.

They have also started the recruitment for the third batch, which is taking place in partnership with Zilliqa. Every project in this batch will be guaranteed $20,000 in grants.



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