Meet Polkawallet

Part of the LongHash Hatch program batch 2, Polkawallet is the first cross-chain mobile wallet for Polkadot founded by Fuyao Jiang. We sat down with the enigmatic tech-whiz to get to know him and his project.


LongHash: Hi Fuyao, please share with us a little more about what you did before Polkawallet?
Fuyao: I used to be a technical director of the supply chain blockchain department of the China entrepreneurs’ association. Since the inception of the project, I paid close attention to Polkadot and was a member of the community very early on. I participated in every version of the PoC test network and was also the Chinese translator of the Polkadot Wikipedia page.


LH: What made you interested in blockchain and to start a project?
Fuyao: In 2013, I learned about bitcoin, and in 2016, I began to pay attention to blockchain technology. Blockchain will be a defining technology of this generation, so I decided to dive into it.


LH: Why did you start Polkawallet, what problem are you hoping to solve?
Fuyao: As an early user of the Polkadot testnet, I realised that I need a mobile wallet that could be used anywhere and anytime, so I created exactly that.

In order to give users a smooth experience onboarding onto the Polkadot ecosystem. the user is provided with intuitive visuals for each function, and notifications to make sure they never miss a chance to participate in community decisions.


LH: Tell us about some of the milestones you hope to achieve in the near future.
Fuyao: Sure! We have come up with a list of features we want to achieve during the incubation period.

Milestone One:

  • Notifications function implementation.
  • Referendum history function implementation.
  • Security functions, including: Gesture/ Fingerprint/ Facial recognition/ Google Authenticator.
  • Streamlined processes to improve user experience.
  • A new UI that gives users a convenient experience. Out of style before
  • Deliverables: Public Github.
  • Duration: 1 month.

Milestone Two:

  • Integrate Parity Signer to Polkawallet
  • Multi-chain support, including database and interface level.
  • Fix issues on Github that should be fixed {optimize}
  • Prepare for release & Github wiki for product description
  • Release 0.2.0 Beta version
  • Deliverables: Public Github. &
  • Duration: 1 month.


LH: What are some of the sacrifices you’ve had to make to create Polkawallet?
Fuyao: My hair is falling out faster, but I can't look back, I must go on.


LH: Describe Polkawallet in the simplest way.
Fuyao: Polkawallet is profitable portable pet chicken.

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