Meet XanPool

Part of the LongHash Hatch program batch 2, XanPool is co-founded by the energetic Jeffery Liu and the cool and collected Artem Ibragimov. We caught up with the duo for a quick chat to get to know the guys behind this fiat-to-crypto gateway.

LongHash: What were your lives before XanPool?

Jeffery: I'm a systems engineer and project manager by training. Previously I served as the COO of Snapask, an education technology company that we were able to expand into 13 countries across Asia, and grow into a 9 figure USD company.
Artem: I'm a software engineer with 15+ years of experience across different sectors. I designed high load systems that processed more than 10k requests per seconds, built desktop, web applications, as well as worked at a low level developing embedded systems for ARM.

LH: What attracted you to blockchain? Why did you start XanPool and decide to do this full time?

Jeffery: I started messing around with Bitcoin back in 2013. Tinkered with my node, helping build some open source wallets, etc…  I would take all the money I had to buy Bitcoin then cross the border to sell those same Bitcoins for at least a 10% margin. Good money for a poor university student at that time.
Artem: I heard about bitcoin in 2013, and got excited as the idea of decentralizing payments sounded groundbreaking. Since then, I tried to follow it and about a year ago I got into writing some DApps. From an engineer's perspective it looks awesome. During Antler's program I met Jeff and it seemed like a perfect match to start a project in the crypto space.

LH: Why does the world need XanPool?

Jeffery: XanPool is the world's first automated Peer-to-Peer Crypto to Fiat platform (AKA a "fiat gateway"), instantly executing and settling transactions without taking custody of customer funds. We are solving a range of problems, the most important being single channel dependency that current fiat gateways in the market face (i.e. overly dependent on a single bank account to store customer funds). We are building a fiat gateway that is global, decentralized, anti-fragile, and can always serve as a fiat on and off ramp regardless of jurisdiction or infrastructure.

LH: What or when would you consider XanPool to have fulfilled your initial vision for it?
Jeffery: Once we have helped individuals and businesses on and off board 20,999,999 Bitcoins worth of volume in their local currency ;)

LH: Did you have to make any sacrifices to start XanPool?
Artem: My sacrifices started about two years ago, when I decided not to take up an opportunity in the USA to pursue entrepreneurship instead. I wanted to grow across different areas rather than be responsible for just a small piece of code. I never regretted my decision as my learning curve during the last two years is crazy!

LH: What is the secret sauce in XanPool? What is the one fact that will convince people to believe in you?

Jeffery: We have a direct gateway from local currencies into crypto in 7+ countries with instant settlement, thanks to the support by our advisor who is the ex-Global Client Director at SWIFT, who helps us open doors to banks all around the world.


You can find out more about XanPool here

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